Wednesday, 16 October 2019

our coding speech

                              We hope you like it : ) sorry Anthony for spelling your name wrong

wonder writing rock pool

One day I was going for a walk to the beach. 
But I saw a rock circle I looked inside there was nice clear
water so I got my axe and cut the tree BANG!!! The axe was
stuck in the tree so I got another axe and cut the tree 
it did not get stuck this time so then I got some strong
tall grass to make a leader so I put the leader in the water
so I could go down and back up but then ...there was a
BABY SHARK!!! But then “oops” I went so fast on the leader
it broke I got the wrong grass “AAAHHHHH!!!!” the baby shark
was staring at me I was so scared I sweated “g-good b-baby
shark” and the baby shark tries to BITE ME!!! I could not stay
here no more but luckily I keep a net with me.  It was on the
rock I pulled the net down and jumping cause the baby shark
was going to bite me and I got the net “horay!!” and got the
baby shark with the net and I yelled “SOMEONE HELP ME
I AM STUCK IN HERE!!!!” and someone helped me and I took
the baby shark to the village so I can show them everyone
came and said “A BABY SHARK!!?!!?” I told them what
happened and put the baby shark in the sea to swim.  The end
i hope you like my wonder writing :b have a nice day bye

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

wonder writing

One day it all started when was going on a walk, I was just
looking down at my phone.  Until I saw a red leaf I said wow
“I have never seen this colour leaf before” I saw more that
lead to a staircase with a creepy man that was wearing a hood.

I walked down the staircase until I got closer to the creepy
man I was sweating I was scared that he would try to kidnap
me. I was right next to him I sweated a lot then I finally went
away from the creepy man but then…..he took his hood off
and the creepy man was SLENDERMAN!!!!!!

I said “please don’t eat me” slender man could not talk but he
could teleport so he took me to his house but then…..IT
a key and cut the wire’s but I heard a lady she said “you
want to play hide in seek” 

I went to look who it was IT WAS GRANNY FROM THE
GAME but luckily I know where the wirecutter is and the key
cause I played granny a lot to escape.   So I ran upstairs and
looked in the box, it had the key then I ran to the door and put
the key in and ran until I saw granny I ran faster. 

I got the wirecutter and escaped, then there was slender man
again.  I ran super fast as my legs would let me but he kept
teleporting and he put me in an escape room I said “DANG
IT!!” I tried to look for a key. luckily I can hack games once
a day and got out “YAY!!” I said and never went there ever

Monday, 14 October 2019

immersion assembly 2019 october 14

Today it was Pt England's first day back. The whole school went to the hall for immersion assembly 

I looked at the big screen our inquiry was “life’s a stage” so we sat down in the hall.

There was dancing and drama.  We watched team 1’s, they did a Cinderella film. It was girls dancing and Cinderella was sweeping the floor she said “I wish I could go to the ball too” and the fairy god mother came and said, “what is this” one of the mean sister’s said “were dancing for the prince” and the other mean sister said “I will dance with him and he will love me" Then the mean sister’s argued with each other “no me” and the fairy godmother said “why don't you dance Cinderella” she said “I love dancing” then she started dancing and one of the mean sister’s said “Cinderella you should go back to sweeping” then the fairy god mother said “you are so mean I will turn you into a frog” the end.

This will take long to say all of it so i will just tell you my favourite part my favourite was the team 5’s it was cool dancing they did the hola and other songs.  Bye i hope you like my writing :)  

Thursday, 26 September 2019

something in the water animation

1.Welcome to my animation of something in the water 2.My story starts in niue and the rocky shore 3.This is the rocky shore with a eel the eel is swimming around the eel saw a fish so he hid in the sea weed he is going to eat the fish 4.After the eel ate the fish 5.The sea snake saw the eel and the sea snake is going to eat the eel 6.After the eel got eaten by the sea snake 7.Here is a food chain of what eats what something eats the sea snake and the sea snake eats eels and eels eat fish 8.The sea snake was gonna go home but then a yellow fin tuna come to eat the sea snake the sea snake try to swim but the yellow fin tuna keep blocking the sea snake then the yellow fin tuna ate the sea snake 9.and the yellow fin tuna eats sea snakes 10.the end

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

math puzzle

malololelei I have been doing math its a puzzle you have to see the note its easy sorry if you cant read the paper : )